How to use FaceTime on Android?

Modern technologies are improving at an incredible speed. New programs appear every year to empower users` possibilities. One of them is FaceTime, which is now replacing the well-known Skype. This article will consider the functionality of this application.

FaceTime – a great alternative for audio and video calls

FaceTime is a new feature in Apple’s iPhone 4. For the subscriber, it looks something like this: when making a call, an icon appears in the conversation menu with the inscription FaceTime, by selecting which you can switch to the video call mode (the voice (cellular) connection is immediately interrupted and further communication occurs via Wi-Fi technology).

To make voice calls, you just need to activate FaceTime on your device and connect to the Internet. In this case, it is not even necessary to know the subscriber’s phone number – the function uses his email address (if the FaceTime service is activated on his device).

FaceTime is a free application on an iPhone or any other kind of device from Apple that does not need to be installed, it is already in the gadget by default. To make video calls, the program uses the front camera of the device. The image is transferred through the Internet connection over the network to another participant in the conversation and vice versa. Facetime allows you to communicate via videoconference with several users at once (up to 4 people).

You can make a FaceTime call to your phone or to the subscriber’s work mailbox from your iPad. To do this, start the “Face Time” function, dial the required subscriber number or the mail of the interlocutor, and then activate the video call picture depicted as a camera. You can also make an audio call to the subscriber by clicking on the FaceTime handset image.

Advantages of using FaceTime

The application has the following benefits among competitors:

  • The program is absolutely free. All that is needed for comfortable and pleasant communication with friends and family is a stable connection to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Another advantage of FaceTime is the ability to make a video call while holding the phone both horizontally and vertically.
  • In addition, the technology of fast switching of cameras (back / front) has been implemented, which gives your interlocutor the opportunity to see both you and what you see! You can also take a screenshot of the images.
  • It is very convenient when making a video or audio FaceTime call when another incoming call occurs, you can put the current FaceTime call on hold. After the end of the incoming call, you can again return to the conversation in the application.
  • The main features of FaceTime are full integration with the “Contacts” and “Phone” applications and the highest quality of communication. In conditions of fierce competition with analogs like Viber and Skype, FaceTime’s second advantage is rightfully considered the main one.
  • When entering the program from a smartphone, it will automatically register the user’s phone number.

How do Android and Windows users use FaceTime?

People who use Android or Windows will not be able to download FaceTime. They only need the web version to use it. This means that from Android 15 you can’t start a FaceTime call from Windows, but you can join it.

In order to join FaceTime on Android you need to do the following steps:

  • you need to have Google Chrome installed on your PC;
  • the owner of Apple should send you a link to the conference;
  • then you can copy the link and type it into your browser;
  • after these steps, you will be able to join the conversation.