How to Update a Samsung Smart TV?

Modern Samsung TVs are high-tech devices with a lot of installed programs for accessing the Internet, watching content, and integrating into the “smart home” system. That is why updating Samsung Smart TVs is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the software. In this article, you will learn how to understand when you need a firmware update and how to do it yourself.

Why should we update Smart TV?

Modern TVs are smart and multifunctional devices, the capabilities of which are not limited to showing high-quality TV due to the presence of digital receivers.

Software developers for TVs often delight users with the opportunity, or rather, the need to update their Smart TV. If this is not done, then the device will begin to behave inadequately, to arrange failures in the system, and access to the Internet will deteriorate. In general, all those advantages that distinguished Samsung’s Smart TV from a device without any additional functionality will practically disappear.

If the TV Smart TV hung, most likely, it’s a matter of programs, and to prevent this from happening again, you can change the firmware. Reflashing the device helps in most situations related to glitches in the system of smart TVs. Smart TV, especially if it is installed on a Samsung 6 series TV, needs updating, regular maintenance, which keeps the equipment in perfect working order.

Often users are faced with a situation where the TV simply refuses to update, stops working, and produces multiple errors. The situation is unpleasant, but it can be resolved. For Smart TV applications to work properly, the TV to work stably, and at high speed, you need to update the device software. There are two ways to update the firmware: directly via the Internet or using a USB drive.

You need to update your Smart TV in case of hardware and software problems. They are as follows:

  • a noticeable slowdown in speed – freezing of channels, launching applications, slowing down the functions of accessing the Internet.
  • the player stopped starting for viewing, or a black screen appears when Smart TV is turned on.
  • malfunctioning of installed programs.

Another reason can be the emergence of new TV capabilities, expanded functionality.

How to resolve this problem with Samsung?

Besides, the automatic update mechanism (via the TV menu) does not always “see” the latest firmware. Therefore, the update must be checked on the site, if a new version is displayed, update it yourself via USB.

To update Samsung TV via USB you need to do the following action:

  • Go to Samsung official website
  • Find your TV model. To do this, in the search box, indicate the model of your TV and click search. You can see the TV model in the TV Menu by selecting “Support” → “Contact Samsung”
  • In the “SUPPORT” section, download the “Update file (USB type)” (ex-archive with the latest software version) to your computer
  • Extract the archive to your computer (you should get one folder, the name of which is the same as the file name).
  • Copy the folder to the USB device.
  • Insert the device into the USB port of your TV and turn on the TV.
  • From the TV menu, select “Support” → “Software Update”.
  • Select “By USB”.

Do not remove the USB device until the update is complete. After completing the software update, the TV will automatically restart.